PEZ PLAY: going digital!

PEZ PLAY: Austrian cult brand goes digital!

A special innovation is taking the cult brand PEZ from Austria into the digital age in 2016.

PEZ PLAY is making classic PEZ products an entertaining interactive experience on mobile phones and tablets, fun for kids and adult gamers alike. The free games are quickly downloaded using a code, and then the digital gaming experience can begin!

PEZ PLAY is being unveiled at the exclusive Cologne International Sweets and Biscuits Fair in 2016. „By launching PEZ PLAY, PEZ has again proven how the brand remains contemporary,“ comments Marketing Director Gabriele Hofinger, „The digital games have updated the cult brand for today, enhancing its appeal by linking one generation to the next.“

Angry Birds and Bricks Breaking

The first PEZ PLAY game to be marketed will be a PEZ Angry Birds mini game. As an exclusive partner of ROVIO, all PEZ Angry Birds dispensers will bear a ‚bird code‘ from spring 2016 onwards – in the run-up to the movie – giving free access to the new PEZ game.

The next developmental step will be the release of a second app game in the second half of 2016: Bricks Breaking, in the iconic PEZ design. Additional free fun and educational games will be available for buyers of classic PEZ candies, providing more product benefits and entertainment for consumers.

The PEZ Group is a global enterprise. Japan and Australia are major markets for the company alongside Europe and the US. PEZ products are available in more than 80 countries. Annually about 70 million dispensers and 5 billion candies are manufactured. Worldwide 750 people are employed by PEZ.

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Contact: Gabriele Hofinger, MBA, Head of Marketing & Licensing

E-mail: Phone: +43-(0)732-38999 610


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